Last update: April 23rd 2019

We from FINESSE have a privacy policy who we according to the European legislation (AVH/GDPR) handle. We do everything we can to protect your private information. In this privacy policy we explain how we collect private information and what we exactly do with the information we get.

First of all here at FINESSE we are willing to do everything we possibly can to offer our customers the best service. To get this to your liking we sometimes need information that must come from you. Below we comprehensively explain our privacy policy. We hope to inform you as good as possible and if there are any uncertainties or if you have any questions left about our privacy policy, feel free to send an e-mail to: [email protected]

About us

We are my FINESSE. Below our full details: 

Chamber of Commerce number: 75582341         
VAT-number: 231062631B01

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone number WhatsApp: +31 (0)638461021

We from FINESSE only send e-mails that ends with  “”.  Do you receive an e-mail that does not end with “”? Then this e-mail IS NOT coming from us.

Which rights do you have according to the AVG/GDPR-legislation?

Below is a summary of the rights that you have according to the AVG/GDPR legislation:

  • Information on processing of personal data.
  • An insight into the processing.
  • Submitting a request to delete your personal data.
  • Submitting a request to be forgotten online.
  • Having the right to data portability so that your personal data can be transferred to another organization.
  • Having the right to cancel or limit the process.
  • Objecting against automated decision-making.

Would you like to know more about the AVG/GDPR? Check out the website of Personal Data Authority.

Third party websites

Our website can perhaps contain links of other websites like advertisers, partners or informative websites about a product. These links on our websites refers you to one of those websites. Because of this you have to keep in mind that our privacy policy does not apply to those different websites. That means that we are not responsible or liable for the privacy policy or proceedings of those websites.  If you send personal information to those websites you must consult their policies.


Our website contains an SSL-certificate. This means that we use the best security option on our website for your data. When you visit our website you will see a lock icon in the search bar of your browser. You can see this at the start of our website domain name. Also our web address URL of the website starts with "https: //". The last letter is the letter ‘’s’’. This stands for secure.

Why do we use SSL security on our website? This is because our website is extremely secured and your data is transferred encrypted. This ensures that your data that we receive can only be read by us and is therefore not accessible to outsiders. This is important because we can send the data we receive from you encrypted and only the actual recipient can read your message.
In addition, the SSL-certificate is proof for our website that we have been verified and that the website is therefore recognized.

It is also required to set a password to access your account on our website.

Unfortunately, these protections do not allow us to fully protect the information you give us. This is because the transfer of information through the internet is not 100% safe. We can NOT guarantee complete security of your personal data that is sent to or via our website. Because of this, every transfer is at your own risk.

Website cookies

To continuously improve our website and make the website work as well as possible, we (FINESSE) use cookies, among other things. You may have heard of the name cookies before. Cookies are pieces of information that are generated when you visit our website. These cookies are stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other device. When you return to our website, your device recognizes these cookies. As a result, it is possible that certain actions or preferences that you have performed such as chosen items are remembered. This helps us and among other things to improve your experience with our website.

There are a number of types of cookies that we have. They are explained below:

General necessary cookies: These cookies are important to make the experience of our website (service) easier. For example your shopping cart items will be remembered. The next time you visit the website, it may be that your items are still in the shopping cart.

Performance cookies: These cookies are collected among other things to improve the

user-friendliness of the website. These types of cookies actually collects information about how you use the website as a user. We get this information from Google Analytics which we have linked to the website. This helps us to improve user experience, conversion and navigation where needed. This allows us to see how our customers come to our website and from where. Just know that your personal data is NOT linked to these cookies. These cookies never contain personal information.

Functionality cookies: Remembering choices that you as a user make on the website. Think of the language, product filters such as price or color. We can use this information to offer you more experience that matches your choices. Our function to like products or give a score also helps us with this. This can be done anonymously or if you are already logged in to the website. Just like the other types of cookies, your personal data is never linked to these cookies.

Purpose cookies or advertising cookies: These types of cookies collect information about, for example, your surfing behavior in order to make interesting advertising more relevant to you. These cookies usually come from third-party advertising agencies. These cookies remember the websites you visit and share this information with other parties such as Google advertisers. We do NOT use these cookies yet. So we currently do NOT use targeted or advertising cookies.

Placing an order online

When ordering online, your transaction details will be registered by us to arrange the payment. We also keep your transaction details in order to be able to answer any questions regarding warranty or complaints. Besides that we are obligated by tax authorities to keep the details of every purchase for 7 years. But to place an order online on our website you must create an account. To create an account, we need a number of details to complete the order. These details can be your name, address, city, telephone number. With this information we can share it with the parcel delivery person. Please note that we only share this information with the parcel delivery person for the purpose of completing the online order. The parcel delivery person needs your name and address to be able to deliver the product to your home or elsewhere. The parcel delivery person may therefore only use your data to achieve the goal and not pass it on to other parties or to use it for their own benefit. Do you have questions about our external service providers or would you like to read more about this? Then go to “terms and condition”. 

Finally when you complete your online order you will receive automatically generated emails from us regarding your order.


To place an order with us you must create an online account profile. It is not possible to make a purchase without creating an account. When creating an account, we need some personal information from you. This concerns the following data: “Gender”, “your name”, “your last name”, “your address”, “your city, “your e-mail” and even a password that choose yourself. Your account allows you to view various information such as your purchase history, your personal details and the status of your product. All this information is stored in your account.

In addition to completing your purchase, you must select your payment details. We are a partner with Mollie. At Mollie, your bank or credit card information is stored. Remember that at all times your payment details will not be visible after your order. With your purchase history your order will be visible with your purchase date but without your payment details such as your bank or credit card details. At all times it is also possible to fully delete your account. If you choose to delete your account, all your personal information will be permanently deleted. It is then no longer possible for us to bring your account back. In order to use our services again you must create a new account. Know that your payment and product data will still be stored with us that still fall under certain conditions such as return policy or warranty.

Parcel delivery from external parties

Our customers packages are sent by PostNL, DHL or UPS. Orders can also be picked up at one of our pick-up locations. Send us a message on WhatsApp (+ 31 (0) 6 38461021) for more information about this delivery option.


Do you have questions about our privacy policy or about your own privacy? You could contact us by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]